Thursday, October 19, 2017

October Paris letter wip

The October paris letter went out on monday...I think. Maybe Tuesday?
First several trips to Bastille marché with some inspiration from David Lebovitz Fall marche post thrown in.
The market oranges and creamy yellows inspire
Nuts and hunky Fall champignons
Marron, chataignes, chestnuts. Call them what you will. Sure signs Fall is here.
Today I saw Borsolino-style winter hats at Bastille going for a song
I pass bouquinistes by the Seine every day. Something inspirational always catches my eye.
This yellow quince print took 2 visits before buying
The Larousse legumes et plantes potageres was an instant purchase last summer. No hesitation at all.
All the bits are cut out like paperdolls, ready to be glued down
Ta da. A continuation of the seasonal foods series. You can get them all so far and Receive Parisbreakfast letters, mapand watercolors in your mailbox. 
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Friday, October 13, 2017

The Dutch in Paris - Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

On Wednesday I was invited by Holland Tourist Office for an 'up and down' one-day trip to Amsterdam to catch new exhibits at the Van gogh Musuem and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
More than 1,300 Dutch artists came to live and study in Paris between 1789 - 1914. 13 artists are represented in the xhibit.
The new exhibit at the Van Gogh museum at Museumplein 6 will come to Paris in February at Petit Palais.
Turn of the century everyone was enthalled with Paris and the Eiffel Tower
Visiting Dutch artists certainly had grand ateliers where they painted and taught.
Gerard van Spaendonck painted in such a grand atelier and was terrifically successful with his rich floral oils.
Getting into the annual salon was the goal of every artist, French, Dutch or otherwise. Crowds in the thousands thronged to view the latest juried paintings.
The bigger the frame viewed at eye-level was most desirable of course. Jongkind's handsome painting of the Seine near Notre Dame.
Netherlands Institute for Art History has been researching exactly where each Dutch artist lived in Paris.
Van Gogh came to Paris in 1886 and lived in Montmartre.
Befriended and inspired by Emile Bernard and Paul Signac, his early paintings are soft and impressionistic. When he left two years later he had evolved into a modern artist.
His paintings of Montmartre are a surprise.
Kees van Dongen came in 1899. Love these early, rough charcoal street sketches
Our excellent guide, Edwin Becker, senior curator looked to have stepped out of 19th century Paris himself
I was so tempted to pick up this book of van gogh's wonderful drawings and watercolors.
Instead I got the irresisitable 'Potato (crisp) Eaters'..ahem
More Amsterdam to come.
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Relais Desserts Buches de Noel

This year's Relais Desserts tasting of christmas cakes/ buches de noel was held on a boat on the Seine
I came prepared with pen and watercolors to do on-the-spot (en pleine aire?) cake drawings
Yesterday was London.  Tomorrow a junket to Amsterdam. I'm in the Apple store right now
Wifi is down and IOS 10 doesnt like Blogger anymore.
20 beautiful gateaux to taste is a lot better than 32 from years past, but still a lot of cake!
I told myself I was going to just look and paint. No eating. Ha.

Beauty everywhere.
Attention to detail
Perfection in spades.
Pierre Hermé's witty Chistmas log within a log, doubling up on the intense chocolate.

Lots of marmalade in the mix to add a touch of acid and counter balance the très riche chocolate ganache.
Always fun and wit from Frederic Cassel of Fountainbleau.
Chestnuts galore. Enjoy PBers!!
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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Chanel Spring 2018

The grand finale of Paris Fashion Week. Chanel at Grand Palais. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Too much fun to watch the parade of harried invitées in their Chanel finery.
The day started with Paris drizzle. By 10:00 the sun was wrecking shots right and left. That's Paris weather for you. Be prepared. *Note bag and back bow.
Plenty of shine and dazzle always at Chanel shows.
Love this Anna Magnani type woman with great hair.
Another beaut in a stunner of a beige coatdress.
Love love love
Golden snakeskin booties
The best. Chanel golden, quilted of course fingerless gloves iPhone ready.
The envelope please. And your passport. The guests take pics too.
White is huge. And fluff.
Guys wear Chanel quilty bags plus Chanel classic gold-trimmed jacket. Why not?
Hurry up Cinderella. Its almost show time.
Les girls in their tweedy Chanel jackets, bags and shoes.
One bare shoulder, ruffles, a fur. Ready, set, go.
Shall I paint the Grand Palais? Or your cat at Chanel?
What fav Paris monument shall I paint next? 
Any in London? Bear is going to London tomorrow morning!
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